Mission & Commitment

To emerge as a world - class player in the furniture industry leveraging on our multi-national presence, global collaboration and expertise.

To exceed customers’ expectations and ensure total customers’ satisfaction at all times with our extensive knowledge, experience and groundbreaking innovations in the furniture industry.

Since 1993, Yong Hong System Sdn Bhd has established itself as the trusted leading component specialist in the office furniture industry in Malaysia, distributing and manufacturing a comprehensive and diverse line of home, office, industrial hardware and contract furniture.

The company's recipe of success lies in the strategic combination of global collaboration, local expertise and commitment to excellence, which has created an unyielding platform for continuous growth and development.

Our Commitment to Excellence

'Excellence'is the state of mind that permeates every facet of our organization. The number one key to excellence is setting high standards and keeping them up. Being excellent also means exceeding customers’ expectations by providing the best and most sought after products through excellent service, high quality standards, reliability and competitive pricing. Our corporate slogan "Your furniture partner" refers to our workforce and strategic alliances that offer unmatched depth and a broad array of skills and expertise, incredible hard work to excel, and the passion and courage to forge ahead despite the challenges in the ever-changing environment.

At Yong Hong, we are not only focusing on the physical features of our products, but also explore how it relates to your employee productivity, creativity and collaboration. Through the integration of latest technology and innovation, we create an environment that is tailored to the way you do business. We will continue to harness our knowledge to create, discover, research and pursue the path of excellence by exploring every possibility.

Customer Service is our Priority

Extraordinary service is the rule, not the exception. That makes extraordinary service necessary, not just desirable. And that, in turn, mandates a strategy to ensure that our business matches that outstanding service standard on a daily basis. It also means creating a lifelong culture and commitment for service excellence to achieve total customer satisfaction. We treat all our customers as business partners.

Our experienced team of experts will listen to your needs, and provide personalized solutions and comprehensive support that will help you achieve business goals. For us, success comes from delighting customers with our extraordinary services and cultivating devoted long term partnerships together.

At Yong Hong, we provide comprehensive expert advice and suggestions by adopting a ‘personalised approach’ ensuring every customer’s preferences and needs are taken into account.

  • Present regular updates and reviews of our designs to keep customers abreast of market trends and technology advances.
  • Invite customers to view product samples at our showrooms which in turn offer insights into product functionality and physical attributes.
  • Promise speedy and effective quotations
  • Adopt an efficient inventory control system to ensure fast delivery of products to our customers at the lowest cost
  • Provide prompt and good "after Sales Service"
  • Ensure all product enquiries are listened to and comments are noted for further improvements.